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A 21st Century Preschool

Where STEAM Brings The World Into Every Classroom

Welcome to a place filled with warmth and light, smiles and laughter, fun and fitness, love and learning. Daily experiences in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics provide a foundation to ensure each child is ready. Ready for school. And ready for life.

Science Technology Engineering The Arts Mathematics

What is STEAM?

Simply put, STEAM means Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics.

This educational approach integrates the arts and sciences throughout classroom areas, as well as in lessons and daily routines. It connects academic skills to practical application so learning becomes meaningful to children’s everyday lives and encourages children to think about what they’re learning in a more connected, holistic way.

STEAM: Science

Nurturing inquisitive minds and inspiring curiosity. Experiments and experiences with the natural world, with living and non-living things, enable children to develop important scientific process skills, such as observing, questioning, comparing, and predicting.

STEAM: Technology

Learning to work with tools (both digital and otherwise). As 21st century learners, children will need to develop the technological skills necessary to navigate an ever-changing world. Age-appropriate smart devices and apps will be available to enhance daily learning.

STEAM: Engineering

Promoting problem-solving skills. By designing, building, and testing their own constructions and creations (including, in some cases, robots), children become makers, as well as thinkers.

STEAM: The Arts

Helping children to express ideas and communicate. Creative experiences in language arts, visual arts, dramatic arts, and musical arts foster positive forms of collaboration and communication, as children develop self-expression skills. 

STEAM: Mathematics

Guiding children to apply logic and understanding to systems. Tangible, engaging math experiences supported by a variety of resources (including natural materials) help children develop in mathematical process areas such as problem-solving, measuring, and reasoning.

Our Programs

In every program, we guide 21st century learners on their journey to elementary school—and the future.*

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School Environment

Life at Everbrook

21st century learners need a 21st century learning environment. Classrooms are carefully curated with STEAM-inspired toys and tools to nurture growing minds, while growing bodies benefit from age-specific outdoor areas, with STEAM-influenced play systems and components. Menus offer organic milk, fruits, and vegetables, plus vegetarian selections and plenty of vitamins.

The Brook, our community activity room, is an inviting gathering spot for all ages, featuring cozy reading nooks, an interactive virtual playground, performance stage area, and STEAM zones, with an animal habitat, musical instruments, and robotics materials.

As a school enhanced by technology, our digital lesson planning tool enables teachers to customize curriculum to meet the developmental needs of each child. As appropriate, we introduce learning devices and apps, while mobile technology keeps you connected with a window into your child’s day, through real-time texts, updates, and images.


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