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Junior Kindergarten Program

The Path to Kindergarten Readiness

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Was your child’s Pre-Kindergarten year disrupted? Are they (or you) now hesitant about starting kindergarten in the fall? It’s a big decision. We have an answer: Junior Kindergarten.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Knowledge Areas

Junior Kindergarten offers children the opportunity to have an additional year of preparation, to enhance their academic and social-emotional skills, so they succeed in kindergarten. This all-day program features comprehensive curriculum, with a strong focus on these knowledge areas:

  • Language & Literacy: Naming letters in the alphabet (both upper- and lowercase), placing sounds in the correct order, writing and reading short words—these are just a few of the skills developed, alongside other early writing, reading, communication, and vocabulary experiences.
  • Math: Children are introduced to math concepts (such as numbers, sorting, ordering, and patterns) that they will gain deeper knowledge of in kindergarten. Math instruction is featured in large and small group settings, while children can work independently at math workstations. 
  • Nature and Science: This subject features hands-on learning experiences for children to explore, discover, and investigate themes including Animals, Health and Feelings; Weather/Seasons; and Plant Life Cycles.
  • Social Studies: Children explore and deepen their understanding of themselves, their family, their community, and the world around them.
  • Creative Arts: Children engage in movement, music, visual arts, and drama experiences as they learn to express their ideas and their feelings.
  • Physical Development and Health: Children continue to develop large and fine motor skills as they navigate their environment; and develop their understanding of nutrition and health.
  • Critical Learning Skills: Children learn the six Critical Learning Skills of sustaining their attention; following routines; self-regulating; taking different perspectives; following complex directions; and communicating effectively. 

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