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Junior Kindergarten

The Path for Young 5-Year-Olds

young boy posing for school pictureThis early education program at Everbook Academy is designed for older 4-year-olds and young 5-year-olds. We introduce the format and structure of a day in kindergarten, as children develop critical skills for elementary school. Junior Kindergarten provides a bridge, as children gain the independence and confidence to transition to a kindergarten classroom.

Featuring award-winning and nationally recognized curricula, this program offers kindergarten-level lessons in reading, writing, and math. Children’s development is guided by important benchmarks in these five development areas:

  • Language and Literacy: Children develop reading, writing, and communication skills through stories, reading, and emergent writing.
  • Math: Children learn to count, identify numerals, add, subtract, and measure.
  • Science and Social Studies: Children continue to develop respect for diversity, family, and community, as well as using the scientific method to explore the world around them.
  • Self-Help and Social Skills: Children learn to cut with scissors, hold a pencil with proper grip, follow classroom routines and procedures, set and achieve goals, and respect the rights of others.
  • Physical and Creative Development: Children continue to develop large and fine motor skills and to express themselves through music, dramatic play, and visual arts.

Along with key kindergarten learning experiences, this program features a strong focus on:

  • Following multi-step instructions
  • Finding multiple ways to solve problems
  • Setting goals and working to achieve them
  • Controlling impulses and sustaining attention

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Note: Children must complete Pre-K prior to enrollment.

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