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Curiosity Cadets at Everbrook Academy

This special program (included with your child’s tuition) for enhanced learning opportunities features four expansive enrichment experiences throughout the school year. These focused explorations of unique subjects are designed to go beyond the basics of daily classroom curriculum and broaden each child's horizons.


curious-about-communityThis two-week program of activities focuses on community involvement and good citizenship. We learn how to be involved, how to lend a helping hand, and how to create strong, positive connections—in our classroom, with our friends, at home, in our communities, and in the world.


curious-about-cookingThrough lessons in nutrition and hands-on experiences with food, we’re working to establish healthy eating habits, by exploring different types of food (shapes, texture, etc.) and participating in the preparation (and eating) of some simple, healthful recipes.


curious-about-artThis program brings an exciting exploration of culture and creativity to the classroom. We’ll be introducing children to a variety of significant artists, art forms, and modes of expression. Then, the children will create their own mini masterpieces in the styles of these art movements.


curious-about-the-worldIt’s our very own world’s fair! Travel the globe, without leaving the school. In this global exploration of international cultures and languages, children will experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of a variety of cultures from around the world.

Exploring Opportunities, Expanding Minds

Go beyond the daily classroom curriculum with enhanced educational experiences that may include yoga, Spanish, music, and more.

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