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21st Century Teaching

Intentional Planning, Customized Curriculum, Personalized Learning

Cycle of Intl Planning 21st century learners benefit from a 21st century teaching approach. That’s why the foundation for our curriculum is the Cycle of Intentional Planning. Intentional Planning is a process that is grounded in observation and assessment, and forms the basis of all our teachers’ lesson planning.

At Everbrook Academy, when curriculum is created based upon observation and assessments, our teachers are:

  • Meeting the needs and engaging the interests of all the children.
  • Targeting emerging skills (what children are ready to learn).
  • Customizing a completely unique lesson plan for the children in that classroom.
  • Ensuring children are prepared for school—and for life.

Further, all our teachers, throughout every classroom, are working with a shared set of research-based developmental milestones (from birth to age 6), so children are continually progressing.

Why Assessment Matters

Accurate assessments are the foundation for any quality early childhood curriculum. To generate accurate assessments that reflect children’s capabilities, children are observed as they work and play. Observational assessments allow teachers to truly understand where a child is on their developmental path, so lessons can be targeted to their exact needs at any given time.

The process enables teachers to truly understand the children in the classroom. It’s also a process that supports teachers getting to know their children in other ways—their interests, personalities, etc.—because they are paying such close attention to everything the children are doing.

Consistent, accurate assessments ensure developmentally appropriate lesson plans. When lesson plans are tailored to children’s current developmental needs, the result is an engaging classroom environment where children are sure to be learning more and more.


Preparing 21st Century Learners

Our educational philosophy was designed to inspire makers and thinkers. This approach ensures children thrive and develop the 21st century learning skills needed to embark on their future. 

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