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At Everbrook Academy, we proudly support our educators, so they can effectively share our research-based curriculum and inspire the development of children through all our programs. We work tirelessly to help them build their skills and progress their careers, so they can become the best educators they can—and your child receives the best education possible.

Everbrook Academy’s Learning Management System: A tool for professional development that provides current training on best classroom practices and child development.

Child Development Associate Credential (CDA): By partnering with the Council for Professional Recognition, we’ve provided a CDA Preparation Program. These online courses empower teachers to pursue a nationally recognized CDA credential.

Master Teacher Program: Upon earning their CDA, teachers may enroll in our Master Teacher Program for further development. These are advanced courses in curriculum implementation, child development, and child assessment. Upon completion of the program, our Master Teachers mentor new teachers.

School Education Manager Program: This program trains our next curriculum experts. These School Education Managers (SEMs) receive continued professional development and an education in classroom observation and evaluation. As they coach and mentor other teachers, they ensure that all our programs are uniformly high-quality.

Teacher Feature

June & July

After nearly a decade of experience, Miss Tessa does an amazing job with implementing our curriculum. She’s been with Everbrook Academy of Apple Valley in Minnesota for six years now and is the Lead Teacher in our Infants Classroom. Miss Tessa has a strong and personal relationship with all parents in her classroom and our school. With an associate degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Applied Science, Miss Tessa shows such creativity in the way she inspires children to learn and in how she displays the progress they’re making. She is also our S.T.A.R. coordinator and goes above and beyond to make everyone in our school feel welcome and appreciated.

Ensuring Children Thrive

Our educational philosophy was designed to inspire makers and thinkers. This approach ensures children thrive and develop the essential learning skills needed to embark on their future.

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