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Elective Programs

Extracurricular Learning at Everbrook Academy

Several elective programs, for an additional fee, introduce your child to experiences beyond the daily classroom curriculum. These programs expand minds, energize bodies, and build confidence.

grow-fit-yoga Strike a pose! This program is a fun, creative way to teach children yoga poses and cooperative games that develop healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy communities.


spotlight-on-spanishWe tap into children’s natural curiosity for learning and their ability to acquire more than one language. This program introduces conversational Spanish through stories, songs, and games.


chess-at-3Playing chess has been proven to have a positive impact on children. Fun, interactive stories demonstrate chess fundamentals, while hands-on activities reinforce knowledge of the game.


preschool-prodigiesThis unique series of video music lessons explores meaningful and accessible musical play. Even without prior experience, your child will be singing in tune and playing a musical instrument!


Note: Programs may vary by school and program availability is subject to minimum enrollment requirements.

Curiosity Cadets

This program for enhanced learning opportunities features four expansive enrichment experiences. These focused explorations of unique subjects go beyond fundamental learning and broaden each child’s horizons.

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