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Infants Program

STEAM Learning and Nurturing Child Care

young baby sitting on the floor next to a basket of toysJust like scientists, very young children learn about the world around them by experimenting and trying new ways of doing things. The bonds they form with warm, nurturing teachers and the stimulating environment of this classroom form the strong foundation for STEAM learning. This is so much more than just daycare.

At Everbrook Academy, our exclusive milestone-based curriculum, Learn from the Start™, is designed to ensure that even our youngest learners are developing and meeting significant milestones in these five areas:

  • Cognitive Development: Infants develop the ability to pay attention and to engage and interact with others.
  • Language Development: Infants develop the ability to communicate verbally.
  • Physical Development and Health: Infants develop the ability to intentionally move parts of their body.
  • Social-Emotional Development: Infants practice different ways to get their needs met.
  • Approaches to Learning: Infants explore the world around them.

We help develop young minds to be curious, versatile, and adaptable, through experiences across three distinct classroom areas:

  • Cozy Area: Reading books, telling stories, having conversations.
  • Exploration Area: Manipulating objects and interacting with materials.
  • Movement Area: Exploring balance, coordination, gross motor skills.

Keeping Little Ones Safe

We’re committed to offering a safe, secure environment as we care for infants.

  • Safe sleep: All babies (up to age 2) are placed on their back to sleep. We adhere to a “Lights On” policy, while cribs are free from bedding, blankets, and stuffed animals (crib only contains a mattress with tight-fitting sheet).
  • Crib checks: When children are napping, teachers maintain visual contact and active listening, while checking on them at regular intervals.
  • Industry-best ratios: Infants have a primary caregiver that provides specific attention, while the entire classroom team works together to provide constant supervision.
  • Health and cleanliness: We have a comprehensive schedule for cleaning and disinfecting (with safe cleaning products), plus staff wear dedicated shoes (or shoe covers) in this classroom.

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A Safe, Secure Environment

Keeping children safe and providing our families with peace of mind is our top priority. Step inside and see the ways our school is designed to provide security.

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