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STEAM Education

21st Century Learning at Everbrook Academy

In our educational programs for infants to school-age students, our nurturing, dedicated teachers provide innovative, interactive learning experiences. Our STEAM curriculum brings the world into every classroom through project-based learning and a hands-on approach to Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math.

Preparing 21st Century Learners

Our educational philosophy was designed to inspire makers and thinkers. This approach ensures children thrive and develop the 21st century learning skills needed to embark on their future. 

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What is STEAM?

Simply put, STEAM means Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics. This educational approach integrates the arts and sciences throughout classroom areas, as well as in lessons and daily routines. It connects academic skills to practical application so learning becomes meaningful to children’s everyday lives and encourages children to think about what they’re learning in a more connected, holistic way.

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Intentional Planning, Customized Learning

Across all programs, our experienced, dedicated teachers adhere to the Cycle of Intentional Planning. Through observation and assessment of children, they are enabled to provide personalized lesson plans.

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School Tours: Online or Onsite

Check out your local school for yourself to see all the exciting things going on! Depending on location, virtual and/or in-person tours may be available. 

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