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Encouraging Positive Behavior

teacher and baby smilingLittle ones exhibit challenging behavior. This can include defiance or aggression or hurtful words. Until they develop the social, emotional, language, and cognitive skills to express more positive behavior, they will continue to do this.

At Everbrook Academy, we know that challenging behavior is a learning opportunity. That’s why we give our teachers tools and resources for Positive Behavior Support.

myPathmyPath®, our exclusive app, equips teachers with ways to guide children toward positive behavior—both in the classroom and beyond.

How myPath Supports the Classroom

  • myPath offers more than 1,000 age-appropriate strategies for teachers to help children develop social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills and behave in positive ways.
  • All the strategies in the myPath app are informed by current and trusted research about the social-emotional development of children today.
  • This app provides teachers with easy access to specific, targeted approaches that directly speak to each child’s unique developmental or behavioral needs.
  • The myPath app provides a complete approach to empowering children with positive behavior techniques that they can use throughout the school day.

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