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Our Blog: January 7, 2022

Celebrating Universal Letter Writing Week

Universal Letter Blog_FB_4Spread a little joy by sending some special snail mail, made with love.

Universal Letter Writing Week begins on the second Sunday each January! In this digital age, it feels extra special to receive a handwritten piece of mail. Encourage your little ones to pick up a pen (or pencil or crayon) and a piece of paper to create a letter for a family member or friend this week.

Don’t worry, they don’t have to know how to write yet. Younger children can simply draw a colorful picture. Older children can practice their handwriting and literacy skills by drafting a thoughtful note from the heart.

Challenge your big kids to include some “spicy words” to show off their ever-expanding vocabulary skills! Our educators define these as more colorful adjectives beyond just “good” or “nice.” Perhaps their winter has been “spectacular” or “thrilling!” Brainstorm together to come up with a fun list of exciting words to pull from.

Universal Letter Writing Week is also a perfect opportunity to teach children how traditional mail works. For example, how to write out an address, where to place the stamp, and why a return address is important.

If you want to add some extra personality to your letters, pick out some colorful stationary your kids can use or even create your own. You can find some free printable options here, here, and here.

Happy Writing!