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Our Blog: February 22nd, 2022

STEAM Tuesdays: Meet the Everbrook Academy STEAM Team

For the past eight weeks, we’ve peeled back the layers of our 21st century educational philosophy at Everbrook Academy. By using a STEAM approach to early care and education, our schools support young learners as they develop the essential skills needed for success in school, and beyond!

Along the way, we’ve shared what each STEAM concept means, how it takes shape in the classroom, and how parents can encourage continued educational development through simple at-home activities. Need to catch up? Bookmark these links below to explore each letter and encourage more hands-on learning:

Science | Technology | Engineering | Arts | Math

Our Everbrook Academy educators use STEAM to teach the importance of the 4Cs: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication, no matter what lesson is being shared. And our delightful STEAM Team brings our curriculum and philosophy to life! Through these relatable characters, children can picture themselves as capable budding pioneers:


  • Simon the Scientist loves exploring, experimenting, and studying the world all around.
  • Taylor the Technologist enjoys computers, coding to solve problems, and thinking critically.
  • Emma the Engineer excels in inventing and designing, building, and testing her inventions.
  • Adrian the Artist feels inspired by using imagination and creativity in countless ways.
  • Morgan the Mathematician likes to learn about numbers, find solutions, and work on puzzles.

Our STEAM Team inspires children to enjoy learning, embrace challenges, evolve, stay flexible, and dream big. Someday the little ones in our care will be future leaders in their respective fields of expertise and we want them to know the sky’s the limit!

AT-HOME ACTIVITY IDEA: As we’ve mentioned, the arts make every subject feel interactive, creative, and visual. Try a variation of this “Bedroom Blueprint” project at home to see what we mean.

By using creative arts expression in this simple but effective way, your child practices every part of STEAM and every skill in the 4Cs. All you need to make it possible is a piece of paper, something to write with, and a little imagination.

In the classroom, we use a coding Bee Bot to navigate across a series of hand-drawn room maps. At home, you can use a stuffed animal or object to talk through various scenarios and how to achieve them.

  • Pretend you’re a bird looking down on our house without a roof.
    Draw what you see using one piece of paper per room. Describe your vision. (the Arts)
  • How many rooms are between the living room and the bathroom?
    Between the front door and your bedroom? (Math)
  • Can your stuffy make it from the bedroom to the kitchen in less than 15 hops?
    Can you? Give it a try! (Science, Math)
  • Use a tablet, phone, or camera to take a picture of your real rooms. Now compare!
    Did you remember to include all the furniture? In the right places? (Technology)
  • Mix up your rooms to create the blueprint for a different house. Would it work for a real home? (Engineering)