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Safety and Security

Keeping Every Child Safe

From the front door to the playground, and throughout every classroom, we aim to provide peace of mind for every family at Everbrook Academy. Here, your child is given plenty of nurturing attention, and a safe, secure environment dedicated to their learning and growth.

At the Front Door

Strict ID and entry requirements ensure only authorized individuals enter the building. Strict ratios for teachers and children, plus safety training and regular procedures, ensure direct supervision at all times. Door alarms and interior cameras also ensure proper monitoring.

From the Start

Primary caregivers for infants, toddlers, and 2-year-olds allow for consistent caregiving and a stronger relationship between teachers and children. Parents collaborate with staff on a defined care plan (reviewed and updated twice a year). Infant diaper changes follow a strict schedule.

Sleeping Safely

We follow a “Lights On” policy at all times, especially during naps. Teachers maintain visual contact and active listening. Cots and cribs feature age-appropriate bedding. All babies (up to age 2) are placed on their back to sleep; all napping children are checked at regular intervals.

Health & Cleanliness

Regular hand washing curbs the spread of germs. Children are regularly monitored for symptoms of illness. Parents are notified immediately when their child does not feel well to help prevent spread of illness. Classrooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly, with child-safe products.

Toys & Playgrounds

Toys are regularly disinfected and checked for broken or loose parts, plus tested for possible choking hazards for children under age 4. All playgrounds are secured with fencing and inspected daily. Safe fall zones provide soft landing areas when children play on equipment.