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Health and Safety

Putting your child’s wellness first.

When you step into Everbrook Academy, you’ll see that we take pride in providing children with a learning environment that’s encouraging, welcoming, and above all, safe. We work hard to protect every child, each day, through everything from equipment checks and head counts to alarms and cameras. Entrance requirements such as ID checks and secure entry doors ensure only authorized individuals enter our schools.

Keeping a Watchful Eye

Through the use of cameras and door alarms, we monitor the entire school. Our multi-room display in the lobby shows a real-time view into playgrounds, classrooms, and other school areas, via a closed-circuit feed. We take pride in our transparency and open-door policy and we believe these monitoring solutions highlight that commitment.

From the Start

Primary caregivers for infants, toddlers, and 2-year-olds allow for consistent caregiving and a stronger relationship between teachers and children. Parents collaborate with staff on a defined care plan (reviewed and updated twice a year). Infant diaper changes follow a strict schedule.

Sleeping Safely

We follow a “Lights On” policy at all times, especially during naps. Teachers maintain visual contact and active listening. Cots and cribs feature age-appropriate bedding. All babies (up to age 2) are placed on their back to sleep; all napping children are checked at regular intervals.

Ready to Protect

We ensure that children are supervised closely and accounted for at all times through strict ratio guidelines and regular safety training for teachers. We prepare for emergency scenarios (for example, earthquakes and fire), via additional safe training. Classrooms are all stocked with supplies for evacuation and emergency situations, while each school has a specially designed defibrillator for infants and chidlren. Each school has a Safety Captain, and CPR and first aid training are up to state standards.

Health & Cleanliness

Regular hand washing curbs the spread of germs. Children are regularly monitored for symptoms of illness. Parents are notified immediately when their child does not feel well to help prevent spread of illness. Classrooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly, with child-safe products.

Zono Cabinet

This eco-friendly machine cleans and sanitizes almost everything your child touches, using no harsh liquids or chemicals, and eliminating 99% of common bacteria and viruses.

Healthy Diets, Growing Children

Aside from infant cereal and jarred food, in our kitchen, all of our food items are prepared from our Grow Fit® menu. We also ensure that all food cut and sized appropriately per age group needs. Staff members look over children at meal and snack times, as they enjoy a menu put together by a registered dietitian. Safe and healthy food choices, and well-balanced diets, are essential parts of each Everbrook Academy.

Toys & Playgrounds

Toys are regularly disinfected and checked for broken or loose parts, plus tested for possible choking hazards for children under age 3. All playgrounds are secured with fencing and inspected daily. Safe fall zones provide soft landing areas when children play on equipment.

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